Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner? – 8.23.13

As a mom, do you ever have those moments where you think, Oye, why didn’t I do this sooner?
I’ve said that at least five times this week.
Gosh, if I would have known Megan would have done so well through the weaning process I would have started months ago!
Why in the world did it take me so long to coordinate new house chores for my boys? They’re so capable!
I can’t believe I dreaded getting back on the Weight Watchers wagon. I’m feeling so much better!
But I suppose that’s normal, right? You make a big deal of the thing you’re avoiding, very aware of the work it would take to make a change. At least I do. So I do research online, ask my friends, consider my options, complain about it to my husband, get freakishly overwhelmed/depressed/annoyed/confused, and then decide there’s nothing left to do but to just start. And amazingly, it almost always works out really really well.
I get this way about housework, too. I don’t WANT to load the dishwasher. My hands would get wet, I have to stand at the sink and that food has been caked on for a whole hour. I don’t want to do it. Forget the fact that it really only takes me about three minutes. I’d rather just sit down with some Oreos and an oversized glass of milk staring at my laptop screen. So I do. And then I find that I’ve gained ten pounds. My jeans are starting to pull tighter and I get frustrated at myself. So what do I do? Grab another brownie. Vicious cycle.
What I’m beginning to realize is how everything goes back to what I’m eating. Donuts, Oreos and frequent trips to McDonalds where Gosh, I can’t let this Happy Meal go to waste were literally weighing me down. So Andy and I decided to get back on Weight Watchers and try and discipline ourselves. Again. For like the third time.
Today is Day Three.
While preparing dinner tonight, I had that feeling of, Wow, I actually feel pretty good about things in this moment. I wonder why that is? that I realized how much of myself I had changed when I adjusted my eating.Dinners are organized again because I am forced to plan ahead. We pack our lunches the night before – for all five of us – and so there’s no question about what I’ll need to prepare when I’ve got three kids to manage. No daily stress there.
My entire family works to get the house clean throughout the day because I actually have the energy to hold them to do it and work alongside them. A huge help.
I’m finding little projects to tweak and little areas of the house to organize, now that I’m trying to distract myself from junk food. Great feeling.
My husband has been bonding with Megan so much more now that she’s not tied to me for nourishment and comfort twenty four hours a day. Added bonus is that I let her cry through that normal 4am feeding because I’m not breastfeeding anymore. Know what Megan did? She fussed for a few nights and now sleeps straight through until about 6:30am. Straight through. And she’s asleep by 7:30pm. That means I get a wonderful night’s sleep and I’m able to function better all through the day. (Mental note: try getting to bed before midnight to fully take advantage of that sleep.)
And this is all because I started eating better.
Weight Watchers, I think I love you.

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