And God Has Continued to Carry Us – 11.7.15

They say no news is good news. I guess that’s true. I haven’t posted on this site for quite some time because I haven’t really had much to say.

I also lost my password.

But mostly, my absence is due to the fact that I just didn’t have much to say.

I’ve tried to write when I have both inspiration and opportunity. I guess I haven’t really had either! We had another wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach. Kate turned a year old. Jack started first grade. Megan started three-year-old nursery school. I’m a parent photographer at Jack’s school and a room mom in his class. My littlest sister got married!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then these should be able to fill a chapter book.


Looking for sand crabs on the beach

IMG_0903bEnjoying the warm water in the evening

 IMG_1034bKate getting her first taste of the sand – literally!

IMG_6487bCelebrating our littlest cowgirl’s first birthday in September

IMG_6518bYou’ve gotta capture these lovable moments on camera because, Lord knows, they don’t always last long!

IMG_5531bI’m so grateful to see the boys’ old games resurface again. I’m so grateful that Megan is an eager participant.


There is absolutely no doubt that Kate is 100% ours – she fits right in! And there is no doubting the special relationship she shares with Jack.


My sister married the man of her dreams! I was a matron of honor (along with our other sister,) Jack was a ring bearer and Megan was the flower girl. Such a beautifully special day.

IMG_2498bMy handsome date and one of our chaperones!

We’re doing well. We have more good days than bad days. We’re searching for the good and thank God everyday for what He has given us. We still get angry, depressed, surprised to see Ben’s face in his brother’s when he walks through the door. We still cry. We miss Ben like crazy. But we are simultaneously filled with hope, anxiousness for the day we will be reunited.

Because even after coming through such a vicious storm, we can still say with confidence, “God has been so very good to us. Much better than we deserve.”

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