About Me


My name is Mindy. I’m 36, the second of four kids and the product of two amazing parents: Ken and Donna Albrecht.


My parents and the four of us “kids” on my wedding day – 5.5.07 : Marissa (#3,) Dad, Mom, me (#2,) Ellie (#1,) and Dan (#4)

My parents weren’t perfect. Just ask ’em. But they were purposeful in what they did. They loved the Lord and committed their marriage, their kids, and their time to God. My dad owned a small business and my mom stayed home with us. They looked for opportunities to spend one-on-one time with each of us and encouraged us to set goals for our future. Much of my passion and heart for the Lord is directly because of these two.

They set a high standard, that’s for sure. I had been hoping to find a man that would be the leader of our home, but honestly didn’t know if a man of that caliber existed.

And then I met Andrew.

He thinks I’m exaggerating when I say that I didn’t believe in Love at First Sight until the day I met him. But I’m not. The moment I saw him walking down the halls of the middle school where I was in my third year of teaching sixth grade, I wanted to know him. The story of how God brought us together is a beautiful one, and a testament to our Creator’s interest in the details!





I am so grateful to have had the foresight of choosing him as the father of my children!


When I’m not cleaning up spills, doing laundry or running Jack to karate and baseball, I enjoy photography, crafts, sewing, organizing and anything DIY. And writing. And teaching. And encouraging.

And most of all, I enjoy the honor of having my¬†little humans call me “Mom.”


Me and my oldest three – October 2013



Me and Kate – April 2015


Allison Faith was born June 15, 2016. And what a sweet exclamation point she has been!


July 4th, 2017


Our family in Myrtle Beach, August 2017. Megan (5,) Jack (8,) Kate (3,) and Allie (14 months)


  1. Alison says:

    It would be very difficult for someone to prove that God has not been with you in every part of your life. Even with the trials that break His heart to see you endure, He raises you up and gives you the opportunity to learn & grow. It’s obvious that you have grasped hold of that opportunity and kept moving. Your story is inspiring to another little Clarence girl.

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